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Company Name: Shanghai Siway Curtain Material CO., LTD.

Operational Address: No. 1, Puhui Road, Songjiang Dist., Shanghai, China (Mainland)


Email: info@siwaycurtain.com

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Silicone sealant manufacturer

Shanghai Sunway Curtain Material Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Zhongtian Fluorine Silicone(Shanghai Office)

Silicone sealant manufacturer oem

We are professional silicone sealant supplier with 16 years experience.

Our factory founded in 2006. Now, we are NO.7 silicone sealant manufacturer in China:

1/ Located in Quzhou city of Zhejiang province in China.

2/ Factory area: 200000 square meters

3/ Registered capital:200000000RMB. Total investment: 800000000RMB.

4/ Workers: More than 500.

5/ Annual output value: 100000 ton.

6/ Equipment:100000 ton organic silicon monomer device;30000 ton 107 glue device; 30000 ton 110 glue device; 3200 ton gas white carbon black device and so on.

7/ Coporate philosophy: Integrity, pragmatic, synergy.

8/ Mission: Create a beautiful home.

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